Hello!  My name is Kevin Belford.

One word to describe me is "romantic" (just ask my wife; i'm pretty sure she would agree).  That's just one reason i love photographing weddings.  I'm a sucker for a good love story and am always honored when i get asked to document a couple's big day.  creating images of people when they are looking, feeling and loving their best is what it's all about.  I strive to capture those special moments in between moments; the ones you didn't even see or know were happening.  In the end i hope to deliver the highest of quality images, loaded with emotions and the story of your love.  If you're down with romance, let's chat!


a little more about me:

when i'm not snapping photos, you can find me playing the drums in my band weeknites, hangin' with my wife Monica and our family/friends, making and/or eating pizza and doing some sort of project around the house.



Please visit my contact page - I'd love to hear from you!